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Heat Pump Installation in South Bend, IN

Homeowners in the South Bend and Michiana area who are interested in a new heating and cooling system and want to reduce their carbon footprint should consider heat pump installation. Heat pumps are energy-efficient systems that offer many advantages including providing your home with both heating and cooling services throughout the year. If you want to learn more about heat pumps or are looking to replace your current heat pump, continue reading this page, and give Goff Heating & Air Conditioning a call for heat pump installation services in South Bend, IN. We can answer any questions you may have.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps do not create heat as a furnace does. Instead, heat pumps transfer heat from one space to another, so they don’t need natural gas to heat your home. This is also the reason why a heat pump can be used for air conditioning purposes as well. During the heating process, the energy from outdoor air is pressurized and transferred through refrigerant to the inside of your home. The indoor unit releases this stored energy to warm your indoor space. When winter turns over to spring, a valve reverses the process, and during the cooling mode, the energy from the indoor air is pressurized and transferred to the outside. This removes the heat from inside your home and releases the energy outside to lower the indoor air temperature. 


Goff’s heat pump experts can provide you with a free consultation to match the best system to your needs. Some Hoosier households use heat pumps to provide both cooling and heating. However, during the winter, homeowners in South Bend often supplement their heat pump’s efforts with a traditional heating system because heat pumps aren’t as effective once the temperature drops below zero. Goff Heating & Air Conditioning can help design a system that best fits your South Bend area home’s heating and cooling needs.

Benefits of a New Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be a great investment for your home, especially with new incentives to reduce your residential carbon emissions. Here are a few other benefits:

Heating and Cooling in One System

Heat pumps provide warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer for year-round comfort.

Cheaper Energy Bills

As we mentioned before, heat pumps transfer hot air from one place to another, so they don’t use as much energy to keep your house comfortable. With less energy consumption comes lower heating and cooling costs. 

More Environmental Friendly

Heat pumps, unlike many other types of HVAC systems, are typically powered by electricity, rather than fossil fuels. This is a much cleaner process for the environment. 

Tax Incentives Through Inflation Reduction Act

There has never been a better time to install a new heat pump in your home. Effective as of January 1, 2023, installing an ENERGY STAR® tier Bryant Heat Pump will provide homeowners a tax credit covering 30% of the installation costs. Learn more about the tax credit and eligibility requirements.

Protecting Your Heat Pump Investment 

If you use your heat pump system for both heating and cooling throughout the year, it’s best to have it tuned up at least twice annually. Maintenance includes replacing air filters, cleaning the system, lubricating all moving parts, and ensuring that the fan, compressor, and coil are operating efficiently. Our GoffCare Membership covers these two tune-ups and provides a ton of other great benefits. 

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