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Heroic HVAC Technician Saves Customer’s Life in South Bend

July 2, 2024

A Scorching Day of Service Calls

On a scorching afternoon in late June, with temperatures soaring into the 90s, our technician Brandon was tirelessly attending to a series of service calls. It was one of our busiest days, with numerous “no cool” issues needing urgent attention across the Michiana area. Despite the oppressive heat and the strenuous demands of the day, Brandon remained committed to his work. This particular call, his final one of the day, would become unforgettable.

A Routine Call Takes a Dramatic Turn

Brandon arrived at the customer’s home and swiftly diagnosed the problem with the outdoor condenser. His expertise and efficiency quickly restored the cooling system, much to the relief of the household. However, just as he was wrapping up, an unexpected emergency unfolded. Brandon heard someone shouting from the home that someone was choking.

“I didn’t really know what was going on at first,” Brandon recalled, “but when I heard the panic in her voice, I knew I had to act fast.” Without a moment’s hesitation, he ran inside. Upon entering, he immediately saw Nathan in distress, clearly choking and unable to breathe. Brandon instinctively knew he had to try something.

The Life-Saving Moment

“My fiance Nathan was actually choking on a piece of bread. Brandon was outside working on the unit. We had to open the door and scream. I’m not strong enough. His mom was here. She’s not strong enough to give him the Heimlich. He ran in and saved his life,” Renee, the customer, recounted.

“I just felt like I had to do something,” Brandon explained. “In that split second, the only thing that came to mind was the Heimlich maneuver. I hoped it would work.” With determination and focus, he performed the maneuver. Thankfully, his quick action worked, and Nathan was able to breathe again after expelling the obstruction.

“He didn’t hesitate. He helped us. He gave him the Heimlich,” Renee emphasized. “I just had to call and rave about that because that’s not in his job description whatsoever. And he dropped everything and helped us.”

The Importance of Being Prepared

Brandon’s actions that day did more than just solve an HVAC issue; they potentially saved a life. Despite his humility, he acknowledges the importance of being prepared for such emergencies. “It’s good to know what to do if that stuff happens,” he emphasized. “Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it, having some basic knowledge of first aid can make all the difference.”

Renee highlighted the critical nature of the situation, “I thought my next step was calling 911 and I just know he would have been passed out before they came. He was choking. He couldn’t breathe at all.”

Brandon also shared a piece of advice for others: “They should at least know a little bit so they know what to do in those situations. It’s not something you expect to encounter, but when it happens, you need to be ready.”

A Testament to Dedication and Heroism

While Brandon modestly believes that this event won’t change his day-to-day work, it undeniably highlights the extraordinary dedication and heroism that our technicians bring to their roles. “I think everything will go on as normal,” he said. “That’s not really something you run into every day.” However, his experience is a powerful reminder of the potential impact of quick thinking and a willingness to help others.

We are incredibly proud of Brandon and his actions that day. His quick thinking and willingness to help in a crisis perfectly capture the essence of our company’s commitment to honesty, quality, and teamwork. Brandon’s selflessness and dedication highlight our mission to always prioritize our customers’ well-being and deliver exceptional service. His story is a powerful testament to the profound impact one individual can have, reflecting the core values that guide everything we do.